“Nice guys don’t all finish last. An inspirational story wrapped in a hilarious package.”

I am willing to bet that I am the only ʻukulele playing financial advisor to appear on the big screen as Elvis! How’s that for an exclusive club?

Matthew Perkins’ Kickstarter.com funded film “The Little Tin Man” is about a dwarf actor named Herman (Aaron Beelner) who makes it his mission to snare a non-Munchkin role in Martin Scorcese’s (fictional) remake of “The Wizard of Oz.” Kay Cannon (Emmy-nominated writer for 30 RockNew Girl, and Pitch Perfect) makes her lead acting debut. “Tin Man” premieres at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 1-2, 2013.

The film was funded by a $100,000 Kickstarter drive, barely enough for an 18-day shoot in New York. The movie, with Jeff Hiller, Kay Cannon, Emmanuel Maldonado and Chris Henry Coffey, is both funny and touching. Read the New York Times review.

ukulele new york

Here I am at the private screening in New York City. I was joined by Hawaiian steel guitar extraordinaire Chris Davis who allowed me to perform his song Hawaii With You in the film.

Look for it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other digital channels.

koaloha ukulele

Onscreen with Kay Cannon. This scene was so funny.

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